My FREE sleep training workshop for babies  5-24 months.

Start your journey back to sleep with my kind and gentle sleep training approach. Join my free workshop and get the tools you need to address common baby sleep issues, so you can confidently take the first steps toward a sleeping baby and a good nights sleep.


  • Get a free insight to my unique, kind and gentle, sleep training approach

  • Understand how to get break your habits and change your sleep mindset

  • Gain the tools you need to start your journey to better sleep

  • Get support from baby sleep expert Hannah Love.


About the workshop

My FREE sleep workshop takes place over three days, starting 15th September with the weekend for you to implement what you've learnt. You'll be added to a private Facebook group with all the other parents on the course. Each day there will be a Facebook Live (10AM BST) where I'll walk you through my approach, answer questions and set your homework. Through the group you'll get all the support you need to get the most out of the workshop. Don't worry if you can't make the live sessions, they'll be recorded and shared for you to watch at a later stage.


15th SEPTEMBER 2021

Introducing my approach, the basis of gentle sleep training, changing your mindset and motivations.   What will you need to do to succeed in this journey. 

16th SEPTEMBER 2021 

Imagining the transformation, what is possible for you and your baby, looking at your babies daytime routine and what you need to do to adapt it for good sleep

17th SEPTEMBER 2021

Using my gentle techniques to move forward from your 'safe place'. How to manage it and why it works.

Bonus sleep masterclass

As a bonus, you'll get access to my sleep masterclass where I'll go over my full approach to sleep training, how it works and what it can do for you and your baby's sleep.


Masterclass takes place on Monday 20th September at 8pm. 

"Hannah has been amazing and so supportive over the last few days. We now have Evelyn going to sleep without being fed to sleep for her naps, here she is after her nap in the pram!"


Sleep Well with Hannah February Workshop


"The last 3 days, your advice and help has made a huge impact to our daily lives already. My 11 month old has slept amazing during the day and I can finally spend 1:1 with my 5 year old. And have some time for me. 

I can't thank you enough Hannah. I never thought it could be possible. Xxx"


Sleep Well with Hannah February Workshop

"Following Hannah's 'gentle' techniques, I have stopped feeding to sleep in the day and to my astonishment 'moved forward' to getting Max asleep by just lying there with a hand on his chest. This was achieved on day 2 of the work shop!"


Sleep Well with Hannah February Workshop

Introducing Hannah Love

I’ve spent the last 25 years helping families with their babies and children.


In my twenties I completed three university courses in Paediatric Nursing, Nutritional Therapy and Cranial Sacral Therapy. Whilst studying, I also nannied for the families of a number of professional athletes, travelling around the world with them. After a number of years as a Paediatric Nurse, I went on to have my own children (two boys and a girl) whilst establishing my business, Yummy Baby Group.


In Yummy Baby I have brought together all of my experience and training to help hundreds of other families learn to juggle family life and, most importantly, sleep well.


I not only teach parents about feeding, weaning, nutrition, behaviour and my most popular subject – sleep, I also teach families confidence in being a parent. I have helped hundreds of families out of dark, sleepless places to enjoying day to day life with their happy, sleeping baby.


I firmly believe that each family is individual and so is every baby, I’m never there to tell you how to raise your family, but to support you to find a solution if what you are doing isn’t working. My confident, positive, gentle and effective approach is the reason that families continue to use and recommend me. (Many have come back for second and third babies!)


After the past 10 years of helping families on a one to one basis, I now want to take my tried and tested methods and help as many people as I can. Through my new Sleep Well with Hannah courses, workshops, classes and my Facebook groups I am able to help many more families get back to sleep!

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