A complete online training experience to get you and your baby sleeping, in a kind and gentle way.  

My kind and gentle online sleep course

  • Have you tried everything to get your baby or toddler to sleep well and nothing has worked?

  • Are you completely exhausted and worry that your baby is too?

  • Is your baby refusing to nap and waking up many times a night?

  • Do you feel lonely, confused by so much info and just want to help your baby?

I saw Hannah's free workshop pop up as a social media ad and clicked on it, like I had done for many other sleep training courses! I enjoyed the workshop and knew that we had to sign up for the full course. At the time my baby was just over 5 months old and my husband and I didn't know what else to do. We would walk with him for ages down the corridor or turn the extractor fan on in the kitchen for him to finally sleep, to then wake up in his cot 20 minutes later and that was it! At night he never slept more than an hour at a time. My husband and I were doing shifts during the night so that we could at least get some sleep in between us. Baby would only settle on us or in our bed for a longer period of sleep. 


We put all our hopes in the course and it was worth every penny. While it was a long process with quite a few steps, it didn't matter as slowly we began to see results. We no longer had to walk him or hold him to sleep, he slowly began to sleep a bit longer at night and eventually my husband and I were able to be back in the same bed! 

I also really appreciated the weaning advice with the recipes and also the day time schedules.


At the end of the course my husband and I decided it was time to see if baby would finally settle in his own room. Since doing this he has slept through every night so far, meaning night time feeds have also stopped. Nap times have also increased and he is able to sleep up to 2 hours.


My husband and I have our night times back to spend more time together. We honestly can't believe the difference and are so grateful for this change!!


Stephanie and Samuel (7 months)


Teaching your baby to sleep well, is life changing.

Imagine what you could get done while your baby naps in their cot, no more pacing the floor for hours day and night.

Imagine claiming your bed back, being able to sleep all night, no wriggling, constant feeding- maybe even your partner back in with you!

Imagine not being exhausted every day, being able to plan to do things and having the energy to follow them through.

Imagine having your evening back and being able to relax in front of the TV, have a glass of wine, or even go out and know your baby will be ok without you there.

About the course


Welcome and background to sleep

Introductions and a chance to understand why your baby wakes and, most importantly, how we will address this with the program. We will also talk through preparation and practical advice for the corse.


Daytime changes

Including your outline for a more predictable day, and how to manage this. Weaning advice and recipes, milk feed advice and also a consistent settling technique for your baby.


Overnight changes

Until this point you would have been doing as you are overnight- often with significant, natural, improvements. If not, then we tackle those night times now with a constant approach throughout the 24 hours. This includes solely reducing overnight milk, if necessary.


Sleep training!

Many people are shocked that we don’t sleep train until this point. It’s all in the preparation- after all of the above changes the sleep training literally falls into place. Why my programs are gentle and effective.


Finishing touches

Eliminating any final night feeds, addressing early mornings, how to encourage longer naps, more info on weaning and any other questions or issues you have to iron out to have a perfectly sleeping baby.


Staying on track

In this module I teach you how to stay on track with a baby sleeping brillaintly. You will learn how to manage teething, illness, travelling and managing normal life with a baby sleeping well. 

What our parents say

We asked parents from our last 'Sleep Well With Hannah' course, what they thought. Of the people who responded, here is what they said. 


Said they were either 'satisfied' or 'very satisfied' 


Said the course was kind and gentle for them and their baby


Said they would recommend the course to a friend


Said they saw an improvement in their main aims

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Introducing Hannah Love

Hannah has spent the last 25 years helping families with their babies and children.


In her twenties she completed three university courses - in Paediatric Nursing, Nutritional Therapy and Cranial Sacral Therapy, whilst travelling the world nannying for pro golfers. In her thirties she raised three children, built a house, and founded and grew the Yummy Baby business.


Through Yummy Baby, Hannah has brought together all of her experience and training to help hundreds of other families learn to juggle family life and, most importantly, sleep well.


Hannah is more than a sleep trainer- her deep knowledge in babies and children is what makes families feel confident in her hands, and is what makes her programmes, talks and courses work.


Through Yummy Baby Hannah not only teaches parents about feeding, weaning, nutrition, behaviour and her most popular subject – sleep. She also teaches families confidence in being a parent, bringing many families out of dark, sleepless places to enjoying day to day life with their happy, sleeping baby.


Hannah firmly believes that each family is individual and so is every baby – and she isn’t there to tell you how to raise your family, but to support you to find a solution if what you are doing isn’t working for you right now. Her confident, positive, gentle and most of all effective approach has ensured that families recommend her all over the world and have come back for second and third babies (even before they are born!).


Hannah is at her happiest when she is helping other families enjoy family life as much as she does. Together with her husband of nearly 10 years, Daryl, they are busy – but make time for lots of fun. All of their children went to their first festival, holiday and camping trip before their six month birthday. Another great passion is cooking food (and growing and eating it too!). Hannah is happiest entertaining friends, with happy children running around their garden. In fact, there isn’t often a child (or adult) that has come to their busy house that doesn’t resist going home.

What we loved about the Sleep Well with Hannah Programme is it’s holistic and gentle approach. A range of topics are covered including weaning, daytime changes, illness, teething, first aid, bedtime and nap routines and so much more - with a focus on making sure you and your baby are ready to take the steps needed to sleep well all in your own time - and then ensure that you can stay on track once you reach your aims. We also liked the format of the course which means you have access to plenty of 1 to 1 advice and chances for Q&As with Hannah, but you also benefit from the support of the wider group. A mixture of live sessions, recordings, the website with resources and the Facebook group means the programme is easy to access around looking after your baby! The improvement in sleep has been unbelievable and we all have so much more energy in the day to enjoy our family time together. Thank you so much Hannah.


Lesley and Leah (8 months)

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My little boy was waking 6-8 times a night, being fed to sleep and contact napping. We were going to bed at the same time as he was. Now he settles in his cot by himself for naps with and with minimal help over night. He wakes 1-2 times overnight and goes to bed on his own. We have our evenings back. I feel more supported as my husband can now do bedtime too! We are all well rested and much happier.


Josie, Eli, 5 months (at start)


​Frequently asked questions

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My baby has a dummy, will I need to get rid of it?

My baby has a milk allergy, will the feeding information still be relevant?

My baby doesn't eat solid food. Should I be worried about reducing milk feeds, overnight?

Can I do the course in my own time?

How much support do I get throughout the changes?

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